Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sonic Youth performing Daydream Nation @ the Greek

Homerpalooza continued on Friday, July 20th, with Sonic Youth performing Daydream Nation at the Greek.

After the Herculean feat of acquiesing to a 15 dollar fee to drive up an uneven dirt road and park gridlocked among hundreds of other cars, we marched over to the Greek for some Olympian rock. (baaah ha!)

The Gold Medal goes to the audience: it was the most enthusiastic, most animated audience I've ever experienced in LA -- not bad for a mid-size, seated outdoor amphitheater. Many of those seated around us in the North Terrace stood and danced and cheered between songs; one group of Latino teenage boys sung along and yelled requests with the force and volume of a death metal "GAAAAHHH." And the best part: nary a self-righteous killjoy screaming "sit down" or "shut up."

The Silver Medal goes to Kim Gordon who, at the age of 54, still has the presence of a 20 year old. Fashionably clothed in a short silver and black striped mini-dress and mary jane kitten heels, she rocked, she danced, and she played her bass with a drumstick.

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(Joseph Mohan's photo of Kim Gordon at the 2007 Pitchfork Music Festival)

Rock does a body good.

Thurston, Lee and Steve brought it to our faces hard style, as well.

The Bronze Medal goes to the guy sitting to the left of us in the smiley-face Nirvana shirt, the wide leg jeans, and the green army jacket. I wore that exact same outfit to a Beck show in eighth grade. (And I have the photos to prove it).

Next up: GVSB and Slint

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The Frustrated Dinosaur said...

My favorite part of the fans yelling out requests was that the band was playing an album in sequence, so there was no chance that after they played "Teenage Riot," they were going to play anything but "Silver Rocket." But I love that people kept yelling requests for their favorite tracks from "Goo" or "Sister" anyway. It was endearing.