Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blinding You with Science: Total Eclipse of the Moon!

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Good news for those of us on the West Coast!

On Tuesday, August 28th, we'll have the best view of 2007's second total lunar eclipse.

The entire eclipse will be visible from start to finish in the early hours of that Tuesday morning. Cast members of Lost and others lucky enough to be in Hawaii will be able to see "totality," aka a complete obstruction of the moon's glow by the Earth's shadow.

Even during totality, though, the moon does not "disappear:" the Earth's atmosphere reflects some sunlight back onto the moon, which casts the eclipsed moon in a blood-orange glow. Ancient Chinese believed that this color was blood -- the eclipse was actually a dragon eating the moon, and the coppery color was blood oozing from the moon's wounds.

Still others believe that the red hue is the Pain of a Thousand Yankees -- a lunar eclipse occured the night the Boston Red Sox won the World Series and broke the 86 year-long "Curse of the Bambino."

Mwaha ha ha ahaha!

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