Monday, July 9, 2007

Bring your DS to the Ballpark

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Order nachos, view stats and watch instant replays --

On your DS Lite!!

Yes, it's true -- Nintendo is testing its Nintendo Fan Network at the Seattle Mariners' Safeco Field this summer. For $5, you can download a program to your DS Lite that will allow you to:

Order food and drinks, watch the live television feed of the game, access stats and scores and play trivia, all from the comfort of your seat -- whether it's a premium seat behind home plate or in the top row of the stadium.

Now, I personally don't understand why attendees would prefer to watch a live television feed of the game on a DS over the live game itself -- but ordering nachos from your seat? That's bangin'.

What else can Nintendo make more interactive?

Concerts: Sales figures, Pitchfork review scores, G-Force music visualization software

Zoos: Funny home videos of the animals as babies, gnawing on their trainers and whatnot.

Prisons: Family histories and testimonials, shivving how-tos, arrest reenactments

The possibilities are endless.

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