Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to my Laboratory: Space Crystals, Pt. II

My deepest apologies, dear readers, for the tardiness of this post. I must confess that tragedy has befallen my most beloved endeavour, and I have been too distraught to blog. I hope that when I explain what fate hath wrought, you will understand . . .

My space crystals have failed to grow! Sure, there are little crispy-looking things at the bottom of the solution, but nary a giant virile citrine crystal! *faint*

Do you see any space crystals? (No. Just a rock covered in orange dust.)

What's worse, the experiment's instruction booklet says that this plight may be the result of an imprecise measurement of boiling water on my part. (The horror!)

Is all for naught? Nein -- I have been assured that I if add more water to the growing solution, I still might be able to grow thick, luscious crystals. I will do as suggested. Until then -- carry on, dear readers. Carry on.

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ninja rad said...

i'm carrying on now.