Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh Make Me Over


I learned a few interesting facts at the Clinique counter last night:

1. Oily skin is a sign of dehydration.

Apparently, water neutralizes oil and leaves skin healthy and blemish-free!

2. When applying concealer below your eyes, use your ring finger.

The ring finger applies the least pressure to the skin, so there's less risk of popping blood vessels.

3. Wiggling mascara onto lashes creates a natural curl.

"And will avoid that boxy shape you get from eyelash curlers," says the makeup artist. WTF is an eyelash curler?

4. The Clinique staff is psychic.

"Did you get a new job?"

Am I that predictable?

5. You don't tip the makeup artist.

Though you are expected to tip on top of a $180 haircut, or a $140 massage, you apparently do not tip the woman who spends one hour applying makeup to half your face, another 30 minutes watching you try to do what she's done to the other half, and another 15 minutes correcting your failures.


ninja rad said...

new job?!?! DO TELL!
if i knew html i'd post a picture of an eyelash curler. my mother was obsessed with them, usually had 4 or 5 laying around the bathrooms and house in general. yes, insert young gay boy joke here, i did try them, to no avail.

Mel said...


RE: the new job -- I am now a project manager for a grant-funded games research project at Annenberg. i.love.it!

ninja rad said...

OMG YAY!!! congrats on the new gig, that sounds SO AWESOME and i'm actually kinda jealous :) i think you'll kick ass tho, as always.