Monday, January 21, 2008

When Ostriches Attack


During a road trip through Texas in 2005, my traveling companion and I stopped at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, a drive-through safari just north of San Antonio, seven miles west of I-35. For the price of $15.50, visitors receive a bag of feed and the go-ahead to drive through a few hundred acres of wild animals with the car windows rolled down.

It was here that I learned an invaluable rule; a rule I am socially obligated to pass on to my fellow Americans in the event they find themselves on an "African Safari - Texas Style:"

Never let an ostrich approach your car while the windows are open and your passenger has a bag of feed sitting on his lap.

Because that ostrich will stick its ugly head right through that open window and nip at that bag, wherever it may lie.

Luckily, we escaped unscathed, thanks to the swift acceleration of my Ford Focus. Perhaps I would have been more cautious if I had read this Wiki first -- How to Survive an Encounter with an Ostrich.

Read. Take note.

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Drew said...

But I love ostriches! You should have let it get in the backseat.