Friday, January 25, 2008

Elves in Iceland: A GBD Special Report

I am in love with Anthony Bourdain.

Too bad he's married.

During last night's No Reservations fix, Tony mentioned a peculiar fact that I'd heard before, but never believed:

That 80% of Iceland's population believes in gnomes, elves and fairies.

A Google search procured plenty of evidence to support this assertion:

Icelandic Folklore

Anecdotal Evidence

Popular Literature


Authoritative Travel Guides

Newspaper Reports

[insert Bjork joke here]



ninja rad said...

a. there shall be no bjork jokes. as we are both ardent fans i was almost mad but adore you so forgave you immediately. it was a nanosecond but in all, this post reminded me how fucking amazing iceland is and why we don't pay more attention to these phenomenal people.
2. i believe in all those things, too. i wish 80% of the people in my life did, it would make for far more interesting conversation.

Mel said...

Have no fear -- there will be no Bjork ridicule on this blog. The [insert Bjork joke here] was meant to discourage stray Bjork-hating readers from posting snarky comments about the Greatest Human in Existence. I thought I'd defuse the haters by leaving them a space to fill in with their own quiet thoughts. I wholeheartedly agree that we must protect the integrity of the most extraordinarily awesome human being on the planet.

PS, Let's go to Iceland!

ninja rad said...

oh count me in for an iceland trip anytime!!!! and i'm glad to hear that you feel exactly the same way about bjork that i do, although i pretty much guessed that you did :)