Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Attention East Coast Readers:

I will be in your hood next week (and by your hood I mean New York City -- that's where y'all live, right?). So if you have any suggestions for what to see/eat/drink while I'm there, throw them my way.


ninja rad said...

eat - momofuku ramen at monofuku,

see - moma

drink - infused vodka (and yummy russian food if you get hungry while drinking) at anyway cafe,

eat - grimaldi's pizza in brooklyn, seriously, best in the world, i pinky swear, on all my golden girl dvds, for reals, yo, (helpful hint, go during on a weekday during the day, the lines otherwise are INSANE),

get ahold of me if you want to grab drinks some night, i'll take you somewhere trashy and fun.

Mel said...

Trashy and fun?! YES! You can expect a call :)

And thanks for all the great tips! Another friend recommended Grimaldi's, so I will def. have to check that out.

PS I recently caught some Golden Girls on the telly and I have seen the light...