Wednesday, March 26, 2008

24 hrs in NYC

3:00 am
2 hour train/subway ride from JFK ends in emergence in Central Park/knee-buckling awe of NYC/Maker's Mark consumption in Hudson Hotel. Hotel Motif? Mountain Lodge in SPACE.

8:00 am
Awakening. Walk to nearby cafe, consume yogurt-bran muffin.

10:30 am - 2:00 pm
Academic conferencing/Enlightenment.

2:00 pm
Return to hotel/nearly faint from starvation.

5:00 pm
Walk down Broadway through Times Square to Rockefeller Center. Observation impeded by famine-induced concave posture.

5:30 pm
Hastily consume street dog. (Field note: not sure what was on it - there was sauerkraut and some brown stuff, it was tasty, satisfied hunger).

6:00 pm
Search frantically for street receptacle (sic) to deposit mustard-laden napkin; find none, nearly wipe out in search of said receptacle (sic) in 630 (?) Fifth Avenue, aka where that Atlas sculpture is. (NOTE: new shoes incompatible with freshly-waxed marble floor).

6:15 pm
Achieve Nirvana at New York Public Library maps division (Specifically, Oxford Economic Atlas of the World1965, charting world climate, birthrate, and beer production).

6:30 pm
Overwhelmed by beauty of NYPL architecture

6:45 pm
Get in line for Empire State Building observation deck (Objective: observe view at dusk, for daylight visibility plus nighttime light show).

7:00 pm
Depart line after being informed it's another 45 minutes long

7:30 pm
Take seat at Terra Blues bar on Bleecker street, after failure to find Petey Pete. Watch competent solo blues set.

8:00 pm
Retrieved by Pete; eat pizza at Two Boots

..... pm
Drink Gin Gimlets at small, chic bar

--- pm
Drink Magic Hat Apricot Ale at Blue and Gold. Talk about film archival/miscellaneous science matters.

12:30 am
"Return to Hotel" on D train

1:30 am
Return to Hotel for real, after being lost in Brooklyn for 1 hour

2:00 am
NYC firefighters put out flaming trash can on 58th and 8th ave

2:30 am
Girls in satin dresses close DJ set at Hudson Hotel bar with an enthusiastic interpretation of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable"

3:00 am
Retire to room with remainder of vodka soda; Honey-Maid oatmeal raisin cookies

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