Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MC Skat Kat: Original Bad Boy

It's said that at some point in her burgeoning adulthood, every young girl will go through a phase where she will desire and covet nothing but complete assholes.

Is this learned behaviour? Genetic? Biologically predetermined?

Perhaps. But I'd like to present another theory for your consideration:

The corrupting influence of MC Skat Kat

In her seminal hit "Opposites Attract," Paula Abdul tells us that her lover, MC Skat Kat, parties all night, moves fast, shouts, smokes, steals the covers, gets obsessed and is always broke.

Yet, Paula still loves him, still desires him, and when they get together they have "nothing but fun."

Well, shit.

What young girl doesn't want to have "nothing but fun?" And apparently, as Paula has stated, she can only do so with her complete opposite -- a possessive, free-loading cigarette-smoking loser like MC Skat Kat.

You owe me extra now, Paula!

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PS - Straight up! Paula Abdul's Greatest Hits is only $7.99 at Amoeba.

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