Monday, May 5, 2008

You are in for a Terrible Experience. Sorry.

Los Angeles is a lot more tolerable now that I have a backyard. I love the great outdoors, and now I've got them. The only downside to all of this is the yardwork, which occasionally leads to a startling encounter with wildlife. Like the squirrel who lives under the bamboo leaves. Or the moth that flew out of the bougainvillea and onto my face. Or the bird that died on my porch steps.

Oh yes -- today, I found an ant-covered dead bird on my back porch steps.

Several questions immediately came to mind: How did it die? Where did it come from? What does this mean for me? Is this an omen, portending terrible things to come?

I asked Google. And I found someone faced with more or less the same situation, who had posted his concerns to Yahoo! answers and gotten the following response:

"You are in for a terrible experience. Sorry."

Thanks, T-Luv. You fucking asshole.


Carrie said...

I clicked the link and oh what i discovered. T-Luv is on myspace. And he's ironic about things and is a dj.

i think thats the real omen.

James said...

Doesn't it just mean that you have a rogue/vigilante cat in the neighborhood? I have a chipmunk that lives underneath my decrepit front steps. Been there for years. Sometimes in the mornings I go outside, knock on the steps and leave him an almond. My folks have a squirrel (different one every year seems like) that follows us around the yard until you give him some peanuts.