Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is Carbon Monoxide Making us Mental?

Everyone seems tense here at the Annenberg School, and at first I thought it had something to do with an impending lecture from She Who Must Not Be Named (yes, the Young Republicans have arranged for her to speak here in an hour, and the Los Angeles Police Department has already combed the building for bombs), but then I wondered if the fires are to blame for everyone's headaches, fatigue and general malaise.

Then I remembered that while researching the science behind ghostly phenomena, I ran into an interesting fact about carbon monoxide -- that "Carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause powerful auditory and visual hallucinations, depression, and a generalized sensation of illness and dread, was recognized as a possible explanation for haunted houses as early as 1921."

Sure enough, one of the gases released by mass quantities of burning homes is carbon monoxide.

Could we all be suffering from a case of mild carbon monoxide poisoning?


Which one of these puts you most ill at ease?


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C. All of the above


University of Southern California Squirrels said...

This carbon monoxide thing is creepy!

We overheard a story on This American Life about an abandoned house where the last tenants "went cuckoo" and come to find out there was a slow gas leak that got them all sick...yikes.

Another reason we enjoy livin' alfresco!

BTW, we enjoy the blog!

Mel said...

Thanks, USC Squirrels!

And kudos on the discovering the fate of Zima. Just this week, a friend asked me if it still existed. Now, I can confidently say, "yes, in fact. It does."

Carrie said...

i don't know about people going crazy, but all the crunchy hollywood health nuts are freaking out about the air quality. "I couldn't do the mulholland bike trail because of the air, I woke up all phlegmy!" fucking pussies.

ninja rad said...

i vote for b.

and is zima really still in existence? please share the wisdom, i was just having the 'what happened to zima' discussion this weekend.

it's zomething different.

and i need an update on this y.r. b.s. that is being allowed there. really? REALLY? you know i would have been there with you with water balloons filled with fake blood if that went down during my time there!